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Naps are awesome, am I right? I liberally use sleep as a break from my day. Sometimes I end up sleeping more than being awake because you can only catch so many sticks, you know? When my sleep is disturbed or the day enters my dreams, it's like there's no where I can really rest and move on from whatever ails me. In Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto, disturbed sleep patterns disrupts three women's lives vis-a-vis their relationships. Part meditation, part ghost story, these short stories will send shivers down your canine spine and make you fathom where the line between productive and destructive is drawn. Where is escape for those who can't use sleep or can't stop sleeping? Categorize under dreamy, haunting, and paw-erful.

I'm not just sassy; I'm also very smart. I often research interesting things. Recently I've been devouring (not literally... ok maybe a little bit...) Audra Simpson's Mohawk Interruptus. In her new book, Columbia University Professor Simpson (Mohawk nation) investigates complex reworkings of recognition and membership politics in the Kahnawa:ke Reservation. This book is a great addition to the growing work by scholars focusing on definitions of "Indian" and legal ramifications at work in the defining processes. This particular work takes an interesting glance at Native reworkings of internalizations of non-Native definitions of who counts as Native, expanding my understandings of how contemporary reservation enrollment is not just a product of colonial legislation, but also new ways that tribes had worked within and around those laws, repurposing them in some regards, reiterating colonial laws in others. It's an academic book full of stories and critical thought, and it's delicious! Trust me...

What's that expression, 'don't judge a book by its cover?' Whoever coined that phrase didn't have a trickster running around the house like me. I like the sound of 'don't judge a dog by her fur' more. That's more relevant to me, at least. I mean, I just don't understand: just because I'm a red-haired Cocker Spaniel named Lady does not mean I'm looking for a tramp to 'fulfill myself.' I mean, am I right? You want to know who fulfills me: the main character Coraline from her self-titled book by Neil Gaimon. Young girl (not unlike myself, cough cough) unveils a world behind a secret door in her new house, a place without the problems facing her in her 'real' world and finds herself caught up in a trap that fooled a handful of other children in its magical grasp in the past. Talk about a young adult hair raiser! A great book for the adventurous reader whose bite is worse than her bark!