Iktómi Wičhítegleǧa Siŋté Waŋ Úŋ: Iktomi’s Racoon Hat

Iktómi Wičhítegleǧa Siŋté Waŋ Úŋ - Iktomi’s Racoon Hat by Lakota Language Consortium

Iktómi Wičhítegleǧa Siŋté Waŋ Úŋ: Iktomi’s Racoon Hat

  • Paperback
  • Lakota Language Consortium (2016)
  • SKU: 9780983436393
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From the Iktomi Play Series, here is Installment number 1: Iktomi's Racoon Hat. Contains both English and Lakota scripts.

In this play, Iktomi the Trickster is stuck in a hollow tree! Find out how he uses the tail of his raccoon hat to trick two bickering sisters into doing all the hard work. This playbook is 30 pages in length and features 9 scenes.

These short plays are adapted from traditional Lakota stories about Iktomi's misadventures as he tricks people and gets tricked in return. The trickster Iktomi just can't stay out of trouble! The playscripts have both Lakota and English text, so they can be read or performed in classes and communities.

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