Visions for a Better Indian Country: One Potawatomi Elder's Opinions by Levi Rickert

Visions for a Better Indian Country: One Potawatomi Elder's Opinions

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  • Indian Country Media (2022)
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Tribal sovereignty, racist mascots, Native health issues, missing and murdered Indigenous women and oil pipeline resistence are all issues Native American communities across the nation face. In Visions for a Better Indian Country, author and award-winning journalist Levi Rickert seeks to bring light to these issues by incorporating his experience as a Potawatomi man into every single column he writes. Each tribe has their own customs, beliefs and traditions. Each Native person has their own beliefs and opinions.

In his columns, Levi Rickert shares his beliefs on issues Indian Country faces. Improving the lives of Native people is the prime emphasis of Rickert’s work and this carefully compiled book of his columns, written between 2020 and 2022. In a clearly stated, rational and logical manner, Rickert’s stance on each of these issues is clear to readers. Visions for a Better Indian Country offers a chance for those not well-versed in the matters of Native communities to learn about the issues most important to Indian Country.

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