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The Inuit Thought of It - Amazing Arctic Adventures
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Annick Press
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781554510870
Alootook Ipellie, David MacDonald
The Inuit Thought of It - Amazing Arctic Adventures
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The Inuit Thought of It - Amazing Arctic Adventures

by Alootook Ipellie & David MacDonald

Dazzling inventions from the far north.

Today's Arctic communities have all the comforts of modern living. Yet the Inuit survived in this harsh landscape for hundreds of years with nothing but the land and their own ingenuity. Join authors Alootook Ipellie and David MacDonald as they explore the amazing innovations of traditional Inuit and how their ideas continue to echo around the world.

Some inventions are still familiar to us: the one-person watercraft known as a kayak retains its Inuit name. Other innovations have been replaced by modern technology: slitted snow goggles protected Inuit eyes long before sunglasses arrived on the scene. And other ideas were surprisingly inspired: using human-shaped stone stacks (lnunnguat) to trick and trap caribou.

Many more Inuit innovations are explored here, including:

  • Dog sleds
  • Kids' stuff
  • Shelter
  • Food preservation
  • Clothing
  • Medicine.

In all, more than 40 Inuit items and ideas are showcased through dramatic photos and captivating language. From how these objects were made, to their impact on contemporary culture, The Inuit Thought of It is a remarkable catalog of Inuit invention.