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The Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart
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Wallace Carlson
Pub Date: 2011
Basil Brave Heart
The Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart
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The Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart

by Basil Brave Heart

In The Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart, Basil Brave Heart describes in vivid detail how he was raised in a full-blood Lakota family by his deeply spiritual grandparents, struggled to find his way in contemporary society, was devastated by and successfully overcame the demon alcohol, and found maturity and peace in a vision-rich traditional spirituality. He graphically describes the values and struggles of an Indian warrior as a 'soldier' in a modern American war. As an Indian AA counselor and school administrator he used traditional insights that were leading and successful. The breadth of his interest and insights provides a living example of a traditional Lakota who has successfully overcome many problems and found a peaceful, successful life in the current bicultural situation of the Lakota.

- William Stolzman, author of The Pipe of Christ