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The Mishomis Book - The Voice of the Ojibway
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Indian Country Communications
Pub Date: 1988
ISBN: 9780816673827
Edward Benton-Banai
The Mishomis Book - The Voice of the Ojibway
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The Mishomis Book - The Voice of the Ojibway

by Edward Benton-Banai

A book on the history, philosophy, and teachings of the Ojibway people, as passed down to the present generation by parents, grandparents, and elders of the Lac Court Oreilles Reservation (Wisconsin), contains material from oral tradition and is named "Mishomis," the Ojibway word for grandfather. Other Ojibway words and names appear in the text, with translations; a brief pronunciation guide is provided. The 15 chapters recount Ojibway myths and legends, describe features of Ojibway life, such as the clan system, and discuss historic events, such as the migration of Anishinabe and happenings since the coming of French traders in 1544. The text is illustrated with many drawings and maps. Stories included concern the Creation, Original Man's travels, Original Man and his grandmother, the Earth's first people, the great flood, Waynaboozhoo and the search for his father, Waynaboozhoo and his return to the people, the Seven Grandfathers and the little boy, the old man and the first Midewiwin ceremony, the pipe and the eagle, the sweat lodge, and the Seven Fires of the Ojibway. (MH)