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Me Funny
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Pub Date: 2006
ISBN: 9781553651376
Drew Hayden Taylor
Me Funny
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Me Funny

by Drew Hayden Taylor

Humor has always been an essential part of North American aboriginal culture. This fact remained unnoticed by most settlers, however, since non-aboriginals just didn't get the joke. For most of written history, a stern, unyielding profile of "the Indian" dominated the popular mainstream imagination. Indians, it was believed, never laughed. But Indians themselves always knew better. As an award-winning playwright, columnist, and comedy-sketch creator, Drew Hayden Taylor has spent 15 years writing and researching aboriginal humor. For "Me Funny," he asked a noted cast of writers from a variety of fields -- including such celebrated wordsmiths as Thomas King, Allan J. Ryan, Mirjam Hirch, and Tomson Highway -- to take a look at what makes aboriginal humor tick. Their hilarious, enlightening contributions playfully examine the use of humor in areas as diverse as stand-up comedy, fiction, visual art, drama, performance, poetry, traditional storytelling, and education.

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