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Beginning Nakoda - Nakan-Iaa Wo!
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University of Regina Press
Pub Date: 2019
ISBN: 9780889776623
Vincent Collette
Beginning Nakoda - Nakan-Iaa Wo!
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Beginning Nakoda - Nakan-Iaa Wo!

by Vincent Collette (Editor)

Written for beginning learners of Nakoda (also known as Assiniboine), this workbook, arranged thematically, provides a Nakoda/English lexicon, a vocabulary, a table of kinship terms, a glossary of linguistic terminology, and exercises to do after each lesson. This book was made possible with the assistance of Elders and Language Keepers of the Nakoda Nation: Armand McArthur and Wilma Kennedy, Main Consultants; with additional contributions by Pete Bigstone, Leona Kroscamp, Freda O'Watch, and Ken Armstrong.